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What do I do if i can't find a way to prove my ec?


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I am teaching myself Ancient Greek. I really like this ec, and progress is good. It is relevant to my intended major because I would like to do History. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to prove I've actually learnt it. I do have my notebook where I take notes and do exercises, but I don't know if that's enough. Please Help!


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A way to do it is to do a project/translate something such as famous speech or write a blog in Greek with English translation at the bottom or something similiar

Hope this helps

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This is very helpful I hadn't even thought of this. Thanks so much! If I translate a speech, would I include it in my college application?
I’m going based off of CommonApp and to a lesser degree the Coalition App but you don’t include the link or the text of the speech. Title Know Ancient Greek Then a 150 character discription of what you do and your achievements with that
Sorry to keep bothering you, are you talking about the ec description section?
Yes so you pick the type of EC I believe it would be foreign langauage you say Ancient Greek and give a Up to 150 character discription describing accolades and achievements Such as I translated the Gettyburgs address to Ancient Greek and have become fluent in Ancient Greek. I also blog in Greek to practice. Not exactly but use your own description
You're AMAZING. Have the best day!
Your welcome wish you luck
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Take some sort of recognized Greek Exam that is given/administered by an organization. See if you can get in touch with a High School Greek organization or something of the sort and ask for their resources (email them!!); they should be able to tell you some strategies to prove your legitimacy. I also recommend googling “official Greek proficiency exam” which you can take, and if it is a widely-known exam it might show up on your transcript even. Good luck!