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Explain a drop of grades


when is it worth answering the optional question of explaining a low grade or a drop in grades? I was contemplating answering it because of one C I received in a vigorous class.

@rsria year ago

there's absolutely no harm in justifyng the reason for an outlier of a grade. Coincidentally, my college essay talks about this exact situation. It varies by person, but personally, I think it's easier to just tackle it head on and explain why the grade was low compared to having them see it and think you have "senioritis."

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a year ago

It's worth answering as long as you gave the time and effort to do well but couldn't perform up to your expectations. It's a question meant for those who have a legitimate and acceptable reason, not for those who just want to put the blame on someone else for their own laziness and carelessness. For example, there were people who experienced online schooling for the first time during COVID; many of them found it difficult to adjust to the new format. However, someone who had been doing online schooling previously shouldn't give that reason (it's just unethical).

Hope this helps!

a year ago

Depends on your other grades as well, for example, if you are a straight-A student or a nearly straight-A A and you explain just one bad grade it appears to colleges as if you are obsessed with academics which is a bad thing. Other than that if your grades are fluctuating and it is your only C you can give them a reason, but just the fact that the class was vigorous is definitely not a reason. If there was a family or health issue then it makes sense. Hope it helps:)

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