2 years ago
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Something’s I could Add to My Academic or Extracurricular Profile

Its been a while since I’ve done this but I am a sophomore now and need some advice for things I could add to my high school resume

Something’s I do

-Engineering President (VEX Robotics and Rocketry Compitetions)

-Varsity Tennis

- State Level Speech and Debater

-Going to be Mechanical Lead on a world level Robotics team

- Badminton Regional Placement

-200 Hours of Volunteering

- Made a Stem based non-profit (helps low income students in nearby cities with conventional robotics)

- Science Fair Project Right Now based on fluid dynamics and implications on boat integrity

-Varsity Math Team

-All A+s and and one A in French 3H

-All honors since the beginning of high school

- Some other projects that I am working but don’t know if they will work out/

I am just looking for things to round out my application because all my Extra-Circulars were from my own ideas but now I am running of ideas to do. Also, my school does not offer AP’s until 11th Grade and they monitor our college board account so we can’t self study from our school. So I dont think any AP advice is going help. I am on track to take 9 by the and of HS anyway. Ill just list them down here.

-AP Stats

- AP Bio or Chem (Haven’t decided)

-AP Physics (C)

-AP Lang


-AP Calc BC

-AP French

-AP Human Gov.

-AP Lit

Please add anything that could be helpful. Much Appreciated


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2 years ago[edited]

Amazing stats man, keep it up.

One thing that I would advise is that from now instead of having a 'well-rounder' approach, try to build your spike in a particular direction (STEM seems to be the way for you) and excel at it with your utmost efforts. Having said that, continue with your curricular as your are doing rn but try specialising. This is because the all-round mentality, while being the base of almost all top college applicant, was quite sucessfull in the bygone years. Right now, when the AOs finish with your profile, they should be able to describe you in 1-2 lines (or even better 1-2 words, though they should be superlative words :)

Hope this helps


2 years ago

You have an amazing amount of extracurriculars, but one thing colleges like to see is if you're well-rounded. I noticed a lot of your extracurriculars are STEM related, and while that is amazing and extremely important, well-rounded means you're experienced in many different aspects. I recommend continuing what you're doing, but not adding any more STEM extracurriculars. Maybe add some outdoor volunteering, or something in the area of humanities- writing, music, etc.

On CommonApp, when you add to your activities list when you're applying for college, there are only ten activities you can add. From all your activities, what are the most important to you, and what else can you show about yourself? Do something unique. A lot of people can do robotic clubs and STEM related stuff, but if you an extracurricular in something that's unique and that you enjoy, colleges can see what kind of person you are. Good luck <3

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