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How do I know if my high school counselor has submitted my mid-year report?

Hey folks, I was wondering if Common App reflects whether your high school counselor has submitted your mid-year report or not. I mean, just as the word 'Submitted' appears against Recommendation upon submission, does it appear against Mid Year Report too upon submission?


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2 years ago

Hi @Udayan,

The Midyear report in most cases is your report card after the semester is over which for most US HSs is sometime in late January 2023. If you go to a private school on a trimester basis, then your first-trimester report will get sent by the HS counselor in late December.

Therefore, in most cases, high school seniors have submitted their Common App prior to getting their mid-year grades. And since the mid-year report sequentially comes after the application deadlines of Nov 1 for ED/ED and Jan 1, Jan 15, and Feb 1 for RD, you do not see the mid-year report as a checklist item when you submit your Common App.

However, when your application is received by the College or University, they typically will give you a LOGIN ID to their admissions portal. So you have to set up your password and use the unique ID they assign you. Colleges use their admissions portal to notify you if you are missing information on the admissions file. And that is typically where you will know whether or not your HS counselor has completed the task of submitting the Mid year report.

Some colleges like Princeton have additional information you have to upload directly to their Princeton portals such as the Graded Paper or their own Financial Aid forms in addition to the FAFSA / CSS profile. Other colleges use the portal to communicate with you directly if you need to complete an interview, submit files to their slide room, or a video, etc.

So I would not worry about this too much because HS counselors have been submitting mid-year reports to colleges for the past 25 years or longer.

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