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I want to start a service learning project/club, does anyone have any ideas?

I’m going into junior year of high school and I want to start my own service project or club as a leadership opportunity, however I don’t have many ideas. I’d really appreciate it if anyone could share some possible ideas or thoughts!

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2 years ago

I think that creating an after school activity/service activity that involves sports is great. In my school, we have an activity where high school students teach basic soccer/basketball/field hockey/rugby etc. to kids who may not have much sports at their school.

It really depends on what country you live in too. For example, I lived in Malawi, a 3rd world country, where most kids did not know what a computer was or looked like. We had a computer coaching service ASA, and it was very successful as the kids learned how to use Microsoft Word, or the word processing applications. If you think about it, many companies nowadays require these skills, and to think that this might help them in the future is great.


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