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What colleges are affordable for me, a Puerto Rican?

I'm from Puerto Rico and I'm very interested in studying out of state, but I'm trying to seek colleges that are affordable and generous. My types are in a big city (urban), with many undergraduate students, and also, athletics (good school spirit too). Can you help me with some excellent colleges that are generous and fit with my description? Thanks :)

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4 years ago

So depends on your application profile as a PR citizen you are a US citizen so you have domestic ability for scholarships which are near nonexistent for international students.

A lot of ivy caliber schools will meet full need so if you/family can’t pay at all you likely get a no loan “full ride” as you wouldn’t have to pay for tuition and likely room and board. But that’s sub 20% admit schools.

Houston is a great value school in a big city and has strong sports team. Some of these are not certain as I’m basing this on memory. South Carolina Memphis UCF USF FIU(I believe) Temple(not sure about aid) Tulane and New Mexico(UNM) are all pretty affordable.

You can go to the find school tab on the dashboard and do some filter and select urban below 25k tuition aid given and even by conferences.

A dark horse is maybe Wichita State it’s fairly cheap and is a large city but has no football.

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