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Lehigh is coming up 75% chancing for daughter?

When i go into Niche or other chancing tools it is like 20-30% and with CV it is 75%? We are deciding to go visit based on this data. Do you think CV is very accurate? She has a 3.5 unweighted, 3.77 Weighted and a 30 ACT.

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2 years ago

Hi @tlund,

I have to disagree with the other response and think that CV 75% chancing is on the high side.

If you look at the Class of 2026 profile which is the last cycle, https://www1.lehigh.edu/admissions/admission-statistics

The middle 50% range for ACT scores is 31-34 which means 75% of the admitted class had an ACT of 31 and above. Your daughters 30 is on the low side so that's a ding for sure.

Also, the acceptance rate is not as 50% as the other respondent answered. For the class of 2026, Lehigh received 15163 applications and admitted 5607. This is an acceptance rate of 36.9%. I don't think your daughter has a 2X probability of getting in based on the current acceptance rate.

Lastly, the last 3 cycles of unweighted GPAs were 3.66. So applying with a 3.5 is lower than the average GPA for a Lehigh matriculant.

Since her test scores and GPA are lower than the average admit rates when the acceptance rate is 36.9%, I would agree with Niche and put her at 20-30%, like 1 in 4 chances of getting in, not a 3 out 4 chance.

If she doesn't have enough runway to get her ACT score up or her unweighted GPA up, then I would highly recommend that she apply to Lehigh EDII Early Decision 1/1/23 because that would give her a slight boost because the college will appreciate she is committed to attending.

Hope this analysis and recommendation make sense to you and your daughter. Good luck.

2 years ago

Hi there! Our team followed up with you in another thread, but wanted to respond in this original thread as well in case others had questions about Lehigh.

Part of the reason you see high chances at Lehigh is that the acceptance rate at Lehigh has increased significantly over the past few years.

Since our model forecasts acceptance rates forward, it basically sees that accept rates have gone up a lot and assumes that trend will continue. One thing to note is that the model is pretty cautious, so it doesn't assume the trend will stay the same.

But the basic premise is that the model is seeing accept rates trending up at Lehigh and assuming they will keep trending up, which is also making chances go up in turn. If Lehigh releases new acceptance rate data and the trend flattens out or accept rates decrease, I would expect chances at Lehigh to go down. Hope that helps, and best of luck to your daughter!

2 years ago

College vine is much more comprehensive than other chancing simulators. Its results are more reliable. Additionally, with a GPA and ACT that are about typical for a Lehigh applicant, your chances shouldn't be much below 50% (Lehigh University's acceptance rate). I would trust that CV is at least somewhat accurate, although not perfect.

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