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Stanford Interview got cut short

I had my Stanford Admissions Interview today, but my power went out during the meeting (it was online), so we only talked for about 25 minutes. My interviewer said it was okay to just end the meeting at that point (I ended up calling her cell phone), but I have no idea what to do now. On the website it says to not ask further questions via email to my interviewer, but I barely had the chance to ask her anything about her experience at Stanford, and feel like everything ended really abruptly. Would it be okay to email her with my questions given the circumstances?


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Hi @snowyowl8485

Remember, the primary directive of the Stanford interview is for your interviewer to write you up after asking questions and getting your answers. They will report back to the admissions committee with a numerical rating from 1 to 5. (1 being the best and 5 being the worst on the Stanford scale).

It's true that your interview was cut short but typically if an interview runs 45 min-60 min, the last 15 minutes is reserved for your questions. So she might have captured enough information from you to do her job.

If you felt that your interviewer had more pertinent questions to ask you and that you were cut off in the middle of answering them, then I would email them and offer some times and dates that would work for you if she still has some missing data points that she wants to fill in. But since you already stated that she said "it was okay to just end the meeting at that point", she was giving you a cue that she had enough information to complete her task.

What I wouldn't do is email her with a list of questions that you wanted to ask her and expect her to answer them for you. That train has left the station and I don't think that would help your file in any way and detract from focusing on important things she learned about you in the 25-minute call.

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