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Doubt about transcripts and school report.

Heyy there! I'm an indian (international) student that applied early action to Princeton University. I've received an email from them saying they got my application but didn't recieve my official transcript and my school report. But, my counsellor said that she sent all of my final exam/ school report from 9th to 12th. So what's should I do? Is there anything I can do?


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2 years ago[edited]

Hi @Athifa,

Please INSTRUCT your HS counselor to re-send them to Princeton Admissions and when she emails them the information with the transcript attachments, make sure she selects to receive notification that the email was read by the recipient.

She can also FAX them the transcript with a cover sheet with your Name and contact information as well. If you do not trust your school, go to your Post Office and purchase an express mail envelope that has already been addressed with the Princeton Admissions Office Address on it. Ask her to make a copy of your transcript and send it off. This way you can track the mail and know it got there.

I gave you 3 ways to get them the information as soon as possible. Now it's up to you and your counselor to follow up. This is not Princeton's problem right now.

Admissions address: Admission Office Box 430 Princeton, NJ 08542-0430 USA.

Phone number: (609) 258-3060

Fax number: (609) 258-6743

Admissions Website: http://www.princeton.edu/admission/

Email: uaoffice@princeton.edu

If Princeton is missing this information, there is no purpose of asking them what they are missing. Just re-send it any way possible. No one at Princeton admissions has time to look for your individual file and figure out what's in there or not.

2 years ago

Can you ask Princeton to specify which particular official transcript and school report they haven't received (from 9th-11th)? If Princeton asks for your 12th midterm grades and you don't have them, you can tell them that your grades are "in progress" or have your counselor send "predicted grades."

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