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Will graduating high school a semester eearly hurt my chances of admission at UNC Chapel Hill

Hi! I am currently a rising senior and plan to graduate a semester early in December 2020 in order to volunteer in Purto rico, work, and intern. I am still applying to colleges like normal this fall, and UNC Chapel Hill, which is an in-state school for me, is my top choice. I am wondering if graduating early will look bad to college admissions officers or if it shows rigor. For reference, I am in good academic standing, with a 4.6 weighted GPA and 4.0 unweighted, and I have been taking dual enrollment courses at a local community college and will graduate with 7 transferable college credits.

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Of course not. Besides, your grades will be more complete by the time you apply versus 99% of other applicants who still have a semester of work and grades to complete. If anything colleges will have a easier time assessing your academic record because it will 100% complete. Using your time to volunteer before starting college can only help you as well. Best of luck.


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