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What extracurriculars can I do that look good for my major?

Hi all,

I’m a high school junior looking to head into a career of aerospace engineering. I’m struggling to find what I can do to have extracurriculars that are relative to aerospace engineering. Currently, I’m in a couple that I think work, but I don’t feel that they are enough for my colleges. I’ve been in robotics for two years and am captain, go to a space camp during the summer, and learn and program code during my free time.

I’d like to get an internship but most of the ones I find in my area are only for college students. Would online courses look good, if so which ones? Anything relative is appreciated!

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2 years ago[edited]

Hi @pneumatic_pachoo! Aerospace engineering IS a very competitive field, and you're clearly very prepared! Living by mission control in Houston, here are some tips from two of my friends who work at NASA (and one who works at SpaceX).

1 - Coding and language skills, the more the merrier. Especially if you're aiming toward a job in astronomical projections or something similar, language skills with computers AND people are super important. Coding camps or learning a language can help you here.

2 - Leadership skills. M. W. said that "academics alone didn't score my place here, and neither did work experience. I think it was the fact that I had a smile on and 4 years of competitive leadership experiences under my belt, like student council and debate club and speech club and NHS, stuff like that. " I think he said it best, leadership positions in competitive groups with transferable skills like tech, speech, leading, and success under pressure.

Hopefully, this gives some ideas.

Good Luck and Godspeed

"Engineering is the most exhausting, thankless, satisfying job in the known universe."

- L. L. (IT at NASA)

2 years ago

I don't know if your school has one but if they you rocket club is always an option. you could also join the math team because i'm sure a lot of math goes into aerospace engineering.

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