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Is NCA All-American Cheerleading tier A worthy?

I would like to know if pursuing this time consuming extracurricular is worth it in the long run. According to the organization's website, "individuals that attend an NCA Summer Camp have the opportunity to be nominated by the NCA Staff to try out for the All-American Team. When an athlete is nominated for All-American, they are invited to perform at Special Events around the world!"


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2 years ago [edited]

A bit more information might be helpful here. From what I gather anyone can attend these camps, is that right? Do you cheer competitively usually or are you considering attending the camp so you can potentially add an EC to your profile? Can multiple people from a camp be nominated? Do they limit how many people can be nominated across all camps or could there be thousands (or more) people nominated?

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2 years ago

Depends on what else you can do besides it if it is just sit at home and watch tv otherwise if you have for example 3 other ECs you can do do the 3 over the 1


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