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10 months ago
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what are some extra curriculars that would help my chances getting into my dream school?

i just finished my sophomore year of high school and i'm going into my junior year. i have a 4.3 gpa and majority of my classes are going to be honors or AP. my dream school is the university of washington and i'm planning on my major being music. the only extra curriculars i have right now are volleyball and choir because i've spent all of my time doing just those two things. i'm not sure what other extra curriculars i can start on right now to increase my chances of getting in to UW. any ideas?

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10 months ago

I think academic wise, your GPA is great. The course rigor is also good. Make sure you invest some time in your junior year studying for the SAT/ACT. Aim for a 1400 SAT or a 32 ACT. As for extracurriculars, aim for 9 or 10. Do as many music related ec's as possible so you look dedicated. Also do leadership roles too, such as concertmaster, choir leader, or other. Do community service, and maybe start/join a music club. Make yourself competitive. You have a great shot though!

8 months ago

having volunteering experience is good to have too like honor society or key club.


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