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Do IB scores matter when applying for most America colleges?

I know colleges can request predicted scores for the ib tests but will any schools reject me based on the actual scores I receive?

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Hi @KeiraSlocum

Since all your grades and test scores will ultimately have to be submitted by your HS counselor and every college has the right to rescind your application and your acceptance for any reason, I highly recommend that you try your best until you are officially graduated from your high school.

If you submitted a set of predicted IB Test scores, then you can not recant that you voluntarily submitted them after the fact, or after college decisions have been made. Let's say they are say 37 out of 42 and you end up with a 25, that doesn't look good. Therefore, if you already know you going to bomb them in the future, I might not submit any IB scores on my common application, just the grades for classes.

American colleges are not that generous, especially once you start applying to the Top 25 schools. For example, if you get waitlisted at your dream school and there are only 100 spots but 2000 people on the waitlist, whoever meets or exceeds expectations on future test results looks a lot better than those who have slacked off in their last term.

If you are accepted into your dream school based on your predictive IB test suite, and then fail to deliver anything close to it, I do not believe the admissions office just turns a blind eye to it or redacts your IB test record as if it never saw the predictive scores or didn't take it into consideration. I think your file gets earmarked for a final look and determination.

Therefore think twice before submitting any predictive IB test scores.

a year ago

No due to the fact it is an optional test, it won't affect you negatively. They will discard it if it does not benefit you

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