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I am iterested in a small college with engineering program that will offer ample interation with faculty.

HS Jr., 1450 SAT, 3.95 GPA. I am uncertain about an engineering specialty. I would like to attend a college with a high ranking engineering program where I will have ample opportunity to interact with faculty. Ideally the college will have fewer than 3000 undergraduates. Another possibility would be to attend a somewhat larger college where the engineering class is carved out as a separate program. Having formal internship opportunities would be an exceptional bonus.

Can anyone offer suggestions of a program that would meet these characteristics?

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2 years ago[edited]

It sounds like a liberal arts college with an engineering major or dual degree partnership program is what you're looking for. Liberal arts colleges are best known for their small enrollments and ample student to faculty ratio.

Harvey Mudd and Swarthmore are some of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges for engineering. Harvey Mudd is an extremely small school, with an enrollment of under 900 students. Swarthmore is larger but still very small, with under 1700 students. Harvey Mudd also has professional opportunities beginning in the first year (see their website: https://www.hmc.edu/engineering/curriculum/). Couldn't find anything about formal internship programs for Swarthmore, but it's possible you'll find something relevant with more digging on their website: https://www.swarthmore.edu/engineering. Both schools are incredibly competitive though, so it'd be wise to take a look at schools that are slightly less selective too, like Washington & Lee and the University of Richmond, both of which are liberal arts colleges with engineering majors too.

You might also consider a liberal arts college with a dual degree engineering program. Dartmouth's school of engineering is best known for having partnerships with many LACs like Amherst, Hamilton, Vassar, Pomona, Wesleyan, and Middlebury (and even more). These programs usually take 5 years, and you end up with a BA from the liberal arts college and BE from Dartmouth. You generally spend the first 2 years at your home college, then your junior year at Dartmouth, your senior year at your home college, and the fifth year at Dartmouth (it's also common to do 3 + 2 years, 3 at your home college, and 2 at the engineering school). Just note that Dartmouth does have a larger enrollment (6,400), but you still do get the smaller college experience at your home college. They also do appear to offer a lot of internship support to their engineering students: https://engineering.dartmouth.edu/careers/students/resources/internships

I hope this helps! For more LACs with engineering majors or dual degree programs, feel free to check out this CollegeVine article: https://blog.collegevine.com/top-liberal-arts-colleges-with-engineering-programs/

a year ago

I don’t know many technological schools, however if you live in the Midwest I heard that Michigan Tech is a good engineering school and it has a small class size. In the upper peninsula there is snow for about half the year if you’re up for the cold weather.

2 years ago

dont know for sure but purdue ive heard is really good for engineering


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