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I’m ending first semester freshmen high school with a 3.3 UW gpa. I want to achieve a 3.6 UW by the end of junior year

I’m hoping to end my first semester with a 3.3 UW and with 4 B’s and 2 A’s. I’ve been ahead in math by a couple years so I took Alg 1, Geo, Alg 2, and got B’s which explain the somewhat low gpa starting out in my transcript of 3.2. I want to get at least a 3.6 UW gpa by the end of junior year with 6 classes per semester. Is it possible with straight A’s and also do colleges count senior year which gives me more time to increase my gpa and also AP classes over the summer? Is the 0.3 GPA possible within 5 more high school semesters with straight A’s? Seeking your answer ASAP :))

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Hi @frgavinn

If you have a 3.3 for your first semester, you have in theory 6 more semesters of grades before you apply to colleges. Therefore your theoretical max GPA is (3.3+(6 X 4.0))/7 = 27.3/7 = 3.9 unweighted GPA if you get all As for the next 6 semesters.

To figure out your max end of Junior year GPA that would be (3.3+(5 X 4.0))/6 = 23.3/6 =3.88

Unless you are going to go into a serious STEM major like physics or math, I would back off on the math and just take the normal Pre-Calc in 10th, and the AP Calc AB in 11th. If you get As in those then you can decide to take AP Calc BC in 12th or something else like AP Statistics.

You don't need 15 APs to get into a top school. They do show evidence of course rigor but seriously don't overdo it at the expense of your mental health, curating awesome ECs, and community service. Grades and course rigor are very important but I recommend to even the most advanced student try to end up with 9-11 APs by graduation. So maybe take 2 10th grade, 4-5 11th, and 3-4 senior year. Something like that.

If you can't find APs to take over the summer because your school district doesn't offer them, then try to take some online APs or some legitimate college classes. But again, you do not need college courses to get into a top college. It's a balancing act so try to have awesome academics but also awesome ECs, essays, community service, leadership roles, and great recommendations.

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I believe it's possible. If you are trying to raise up your GPA then take as many college classes as you can take!

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