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10 months ago
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How accurate are college vine's chancing percentages??

I really want to attend the university of michigan, but College Vine has categorized that school as a Long Reach for me, and says i have a 1-3% chance of getting in. Umich has a 26.5% acceptance rate, and I have a 3.9 unweighted 4.2 weighted, 5 APs total, 3-4 light extracurriculars, and a 32 superscore. Basically just reallyyyy average.

Am I as hopeless as college vine says I am lol??


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10 months ago

Pretty much all of Collegevine’s chancing is based on GPA and ACT score. I am assuming you are Indian/South Asian, and this is relevant since collegeinve compares you to other people OF YOUR RACE to make this percentage; this is how colleges do it as well. For UMich let’s say for you the average GPA and SATis (I’m basing this off of mine (white) and bumping it up a little bit since traditionally Asian applicants have higher benchmarks) 3.85 and a 33 ACT / 1460 SAT. I think the reason it shows you as 1-3% is because your ACT is actually a little bit below average, or at average (depends each year). Your GPA is great and your 5 APs is strong for UMich. Your extracurriculars might be a problem area; see if you can develop them more, gain leadership/positions, make an impact, etc.

Personally I think you would be at like a 25-30% chance since you are more or less the average/typical student admitted to UMich. Hope this helps!

10 months ago

There must be a glitch because from what you wrote abou your grades and stats, you are in the U.Mich sweet spot. I would put you in the 26-31% range, not the 1%-3%.

10 months ago

The acceptance rate for UMich is around 23-27%.

Your G.P.A. and Test Scores are in the average range for UMich. And because you don't have any other major extracurriculars a 26.5 is pretty accurate.

Try to stand out by using the essays or other extracurriculars related to your major.


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