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Do colleges recalculate GPA if you send them two transcripts?

I’m in my junior year, I take AP courses from an accredited online school and they provide transcripts at the end of the year to show how I did throughout the year and I’m also taking AP Exams. Will colleges recalculate my GPA if I send my official high school transcript and my online school transcript.

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Hi @allnavani

Simple answer: No

Nuanced answer: If your current high school has a relationship with your online school or a policy which allows your online school grades to be incorporated and integrated into your HS transcript, then your colleges will automatically see that on the official transcript. However, if you enrolled in your online school on your own accord without first finding out the ramifications of your online school grades with regard to your transcript, then your colleges will evaluate both transcripts separately and not recalculate your GPA.

I know someone who had 24 DE college credits from CC and 6 online college credits from a Top 50 university prior to applying to college. Their common app GPA only had their HS GPA and not the 30 additional college credits. Nevertheless, when colleges use a holistic evaluation, they both require you to send in separate transcripts as evidence that you did this intellectual vitality pursuit outside of the classroom.

So your HS GPA will be your HS GPA, and your accredited online school GPA will stand on its own. They will not be blended together by the colleges you are applying to but they will definitely count for something.

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