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Are my extracurriculars good enough?

I'm a junior. I have no leadership positions (correction, I have one small one) because I transferred to a new school at the start of my junior year.

I am in JROTC, JROTC Knowledge Bowl (since freshman year), and my JLAB team (it was a four-person team and I was the captain) was top 40 in a national JROTC competition. We couldn't compete in the championship because our instructor caught COVID. I'm also a squad leader (that's pretty low on the leadership totem pole. I'm just right above a normal JROTC cadet and don't do much).

I am a part of my school's literary magazine (starting this year) and I have written fanfiction (I don't think I should add this?)

I'm in the Key Club starting this year. My volunteer hours are still low, however.

I'm in HOSA (joined in 10th grade) and I'm going to compete in Medical Innovation this year but I don't know if we'll win anything or not.

I'm in Science Olympiad this year but I don't know if I'll be in the team that goes to competitions (we have around 30 people in the club but only 15 people can compete). I think the more experienced people will probably go and I'm a newbie so I don't think this will be of much help to my extracurriculars.

I was in National Honors Society (one year) at my old school last year, but I can't join this year because I haven't been at my new school for a year yet.

I have been in a tutor program (I tutor students) since this summer.

Next summer, I'm trying to get an internship at a hospital through my city's internship program for youth. I don't know if I'll get it because the selection is lottery based.

Is this good enough to get into a top college? Should I join some other clubs senior year? I've been thinking about joining JROTC Color Guard and National Spanish Honor Society (I couldn't join the NSHS this year because I haven't had Spanish for two years yet.)


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a year ago

That seems like a lot of extracurriculars. I believe colleges would rather see your dedication to a particular activity than 10 activities you've only done for one year. I would reconsider if you want to continue some of the activities on the list, but definitely continue with JROTC.

a year ago

NO, Colleges don't like to see this many because it shows poor time management and commitment issues.

a year ago

Hello to answer your question, ask yourself if these extracurriculars are something you have a passion for. Colleges would rather see your dedication in 2 or 4 extracurriculars than 10 activities or more. From their perspective, this would seem to them as if you're doing them for the sake of looking good on your application. As @PinkkJay stated if you are going to keep some activities definitely continue doing JROTC.

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