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Does anyone know how to convert IGCSE, AS Level, and A level to GPA?

Hello. Does anybody know how to convert British exam marks to at least (even an approximation) of American GPA? Many thanks in advance.


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a year ago

Hello there! There doesn't seem to be a universal way to do a conversion. I found this article that might help: http://en.ulink.cn/Shanghai/Academic/Assessment/. Others suggest a slightly different approximation:

A* - 4.0

A - 4.0

B - 3.7

C - 3.0

D - 2.3

E - 2.0

F - 1.3

G - 1.0

U - 0

Also keep in mind that A level courses are considered advanced, and you'd want to add 1 point to each course to calculate a weighted GPA. If you're using this for the chancing engine, this should be a loose approximation. When it comes to your actual applications though, there's no need to do a conversion. Admissions officers are familiar with the rigor of IGCSE, AS Level, and A level courses and will do their own conversion. To be sure, you can always call the admissions offices of the schools you want to attend. Hope this helps!

a year ago

In the US, the state of Iowa is known for education research and development. Iowa State University offers a GPA calculator you may find useful. https://www.admissions.iastate.edu/apply/gpa_calc.php


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