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Should I leave my first quarter grades of senior year on my transcript/grade report?

I am currently a senior and I was informed by my counselor that I have the option of leaving or removing my first quarter grades off the transcript that she will send to my schools. My final average for the first quarter is lower, although only around a point, than my actual GPA and I received a B in my AP Calc BC class, which is lower than all my other class grades for the first quarter. I was wondering if I should just keep my first quarter grades on my transcript to be sent over to my schools or should I request my counselor to leave them off? I'm not sure if my lower first quarter average and B in Calc would be better off kept off my transcript since it would affect my GPA or would it reflect negatively on me to not send my grades over because I also don't want admissions to have no idea of my performance in my classes for senior year? AP Calc is the only class I have received a B in (for first quarter) so I am not sure if admissions will view this grade difference compared to my other AP classes I am currently taking negatively or not.

Extra note: My intended major is not a majorly mathematics focused field so Calculus is not exactly integral for my intended major (Psychology but not 100% confirmed).

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Q. Are you talking about the Regular Decision applications you are working on now through the common app or something else???? When is the RD deadline?

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