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How does College Vine's chancing work?


Hello! When the chancing percentages appear in the College Vine profile, are these representing the acceptance rates? For example (and it's just an example), if MIT's traditional acceptance rate is 5%, and my chancing says 9%-13%, does this mean that in my case, my acceptance rate is no longer 5%, but rather College Vine's range? Or would it be more like taking the average (eg. (5+9)/2 to ((5+13)/2)), so that it results in 7%-9%?

My question is, what does College Vine's chancing truly represent?


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College vine’s chancing is your individual acceptance rate! So yours would be 9-13%! The percentage they give you is based off of whether you are above, at, or below average compared to the typical admitted student at the university with the same race and gender. Another example: Say for UMich you have a 45-50% chance, and I believe their traditional acceptance rate is around 25%. This is because you are above average compared to the person who is typically admitted. IT’s tricky since the published admittance percentages can be confusing but the one collegevine tells you is your personalized acceptance chance. Hope this helps!

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Hello there! Our chancing percentages are your individual acceptance rate. So, if you have a 9-13% chance of getting into MIT when their published acceptance rate is 5%, that just means that you have a stronger than average profile compared to people applying to MIT from your demographic background. We hope this helps, and let us know if you have more questions!