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Colleges for cold/rainy weather?

Hiiii! Does anyone have any good college suggestions in the United States of America with cold, gloomy and rainy weather? I would love to be either in a city or a large town.

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11 days ago

Here's my list, good luck.

University of Washington- Seattle

University of Oregon- Eugene OR

Oregon State University - Corvallis OR

Reed College, University of Portland - Portland Oregon

Lewis and Clark college - Portland Or

Bates College - Maine

Colby College - Maine

Bowdoin College Maine

Dartmouth College - New Hampshire

Columbia university and Barnard College - NYC


Cornell University - Ithaca NY

Syracuse University - Syracuse NY

Colgate University - Upstate NY

Hamilton College - Upstate NY

Middlebury College - Upstate NY

Vassar College - Upstate NY

Macalester College - Minnesota

Trinity College - CT

Connecticut College - CT

Wesleyan College - CT

Tufts - MAss

Boston College and Boston U - Mass

Clark COllege - Mass

Harvard and MIT - Mass

Northeastern - MAsss

Amherst College - Massachusetts

Williams College - Mass.

Smith College - Mass

Mt. Holyoke College - Mass

Brown University - Rhode Island

UPenn - Philadelphia

Swarthmore - Philly

Haverford - Philly

Bryn Mawr - Philly

CMU - Pittsburgh

Georgetown - Wash DC

11 days ago

University of Oregon (Eugene is a small city), Oregon State University (Corvallis is a large town but really not much going on there besides OSU), Reed College (Portland-bigish city), Lewis and Clark College (also Portland), Western Washington University (Bellingham is such a cute little town in northern Washington, I'm considering going to college there), University of Washington (Seattle is a fairly big city)

11 days ago

Oregon, Upstate New York, and Alaska have fairly rainy weather as well as the cold!

11 days ago

Seattle is cold and gloomy, you should check put the colleges there.


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