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Should I submit my APUSH score?

I have taken 8 AP classes and gotten 5s on 5 of them, a 4 on AP world, and a 3 on APUSH. Should I include my APUSH score? It's lower than my other scores but I also don't want colleges to see that I took the class and think that I failed the test since I didn't report it.


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a year ago

Hi @IdontknowwhatImdoing!

There's no need to submit an official AP score report till you're accepted and a university asks for it. While applying, you'll have the option to self-report your scores. However, you shouldn't self-report the 3 if you're applying to very selective schools.

If you google AP credit policy search and go on CollegeBoard, you'll be able to see which universities give credit for a score of 3 on APUSH. There's no point in submitting scores to places that won't give you credit. Moreover, it can also be a disadvantage if you end up being compared with an applicant with a higher score.

Not reporting an APUSH score wouldn't be a matter of concern unless you're applying as a history major.

Hope this helps!

a year ago

Hi @IdontknowwhatImdoing

It depends on the college you are applying to.

If it's an Ivy, Elite or top liberal arts college, don't report the (3). Why? You have 6 (5s) already and 1 (4). That's amazing. I say put your best foot forward. I might not even submit the 4 score.

If you are applying to a State School like the UCs, then I would submit all of them because you are going to get college credit for even the 3s.

Hope that helps.

a year ago


Whether you should include your APUSH score depends on the colleges you are sending the scores to. Some colleges give credits for a score of 3, whereas some don't. I would say do your research before selecting the colleges to send your scores to. You can find the colleges that do and don't give credit on Collegeboard itself.

Personally, I do not think a score of 3 is going to weaken your application too much if you have got great ECs, GPA, and strong essays.

Helpful Tip: I suggest looking at the common data set for each college to see how much significance they give to AP scores (here you can also see how much they value other parts of the application, such as GPA, ECs, Essays, etc!), but honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about scoring a 3 because it is a passing grade.

Best of luck with your applications!

a year ago

YES! You should totally submit that score!

This is why.

Think of it this way:

If you submit ALL your scores, it shows honesty and integrity. I say integrity because APUSH is one of the HARDEST AP courses! You pushed yourself to do that! On all the other courses except APWH you got FIVES!

IF you don't submit it and the colleges do some digging, they may find it and say to themselves: "huh. that person wasn't being totally honest with us about the AP (college level) classes they took in high school. why don't we [waitlist/not accept] him/her"

That is why you should submit ALL your scores. It may even help if you EXPLAIN why you got that score, as long as you don't just say "it was hard".

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