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I am a senior who already submitted my application around a month ago.

So, for the question "TestOptional; Do you want your ACT and/or SAT scores used in your review?", I answered "no." However, I accidentally included my self-reported score, because i thought this wouldn't be included if I answered no to that particular question.

Do you think the college admission would disregard it or Is this a disadvantage for me..?

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@kat.in.the.shata year ago

What college(s) did you submit the test optional app to, and what was your test score?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@tmvhswlqkqa year ago

I applied for UIUC and the score was 1420

@kat.in.the.shata year ago

Why would you want to apply test optional? The mid-50th percentile range at this school is 1300-1500. That means the average is likely around 1400 if not lower, and you fall above that. Generally, you should avoid applying test optional unless your score falls below this range entirely, like if you had a 1290 or lower.

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a year ago

I think it depends on your SAT/ACT score. If it is a good score then it may even put you at an advantage. If it is not that good then it would put you at a disadvantage. However, you would get no particular advantage or disadvantage if they don't look at the score since you said no

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