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Nontransferable vs transferable community college courses

Hello, lately I’ve been worrying all the community classes I took were in vain as I’m not sure if the course is transferable.

Does “transferable” only apply to credits, or am I able to mention the community courses, regardless of it being transferable or not?

If not, how can I know a course is “transferable”?

Thanks for your time! :)


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10 days ago

Hi @tsutsutsu!

"Transferable" refers to whether a receiving institution grants credits for a certain course or not.

The information regarding transferable courses is usually available on college websites. If the college you're transferring from and the college you're transferring to are both in Texas, TCCNS (Texas Common Course Numbering System) will be the best resource.

Regardless of a course being "transferable" or not, all courses you've taken will show up on the transcript from the community college. The only thing is, you won't necessarily get credit for all courses.

Hope this helps!


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