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How do I negotiate financial aid with my school?

I have already enrolled in a private university for this fall and received multiple merit- & need-based scholarships. However, even before COVID this wasn’t enough, and now the pandemic has hurt my family quite badly financially. As such, I was hoping to renegotiate my financial aid package, but am completely unsure of how to do so. When researching, I was told this platform would help with that. I was very strong academically in high school and have no intention of changing that in college, especially as some of my scholarships require a 3.0/3.5 minimum GPA. I currently have about $16,000 left that I need to cover per year.

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4 years ago

CollegeVine can help negotiate aid through Advocate, but before you commit to a school. This is where you upload your financial aid offers at your top 2 choices, and the schools make a second offer to you based on the other college's offer. Since you've already committed to a school, that avenue wouldn't be open.

If the pandemic has hurt your family financially, then your college may be willing to adjust your financial aid package. Generally, schools are willing to do so if your family's financial situation has changed. This is true whether there's a pandemic or not. Give the financial aid office a call, explain your situation, and see what they can do to help.

I hope this helps, and feel free to follow up with more questions. Best of luck!

4 years ago

So not negotiating aid but other sources to pay for college are departmental/school wide not just university wide. Also have you thought of work study/getting a job. Also in my city there are a few organizations that do some college scholarships. And if any of your ECs in HS were part of national organizations they would probably have some aid available but is likely competitive. Also if you are up for a lot of tedious searching and essay writing look at fast web, scholarship.com and scholarship owl

Also google does school x Negiotate aid if so it’s not worth to even look into it further.

PS make sure to file FAFSA and if school accepts it the CSS

Hope this helps!

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