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How can I boost my chances of getting into Rice and Notre Dame? Does it look bad on your transcript to go to so many col

Hello, I have wondered if having so many colleges on your Transcript looks bad when searching for employment later. Can you tell employers that at every past university I felt depressed and anxious or would employers not care? I haven't done college visits since the beginning of Corona Virus wither and feel like this would help explain the situation I'm in?

I wonder how I can boost my chances of getting into Notre Dame and Rice?

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I'm confused. Are you applying for undergrad or transferring? I can't tell if you're asking whether future employers will see your list of all college applications or the universities you've studied at (through transferring). If it's the first thing, they won't see that, and if it's the second, they'll see any colleges you've attended if that's on your resume (which it should be!) but I don't think that's a bad thing unless you're switching every year of undergrad.

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Hi @lemonspice

How many colleges have you attended already?

Why are you interested in transferring to RIce or Notre Dame?

What is your major? Undergrad GPA? and ECs?


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