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4 months ago
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Examples of intellectual ideas

Hi everyone,

I was asked to write an essay on the topic: Describe an intellectual idea that has transformed your thinking. I am a bit confused about whether it is ideas on topics like Evolution & Natural Selection. Please, what are examples of intellectual ideas?

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2 answers

Accepted Answer
3 months ago

An intellectual idea can truly be any idea that involves high-level thinking. Your idea to write about evolution and natural selection would certainly work! You do not have to convey your interest in computer science through every essay - it will come across clearly through your extracurriculars, class selection, and other essays. Hope this helps!

4 months ago

I also had to write one of these and the one I had chosen for mine was DNA and how it effects a persons life. I feel that evolution and natural selection is a good idea. But some of the questions you should ask yourself is. What did you think before? How did your idea change when you learned about this? To give you some ideas.


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