2 years ago
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Which UC's should I apply to? (I want to do business/marketing/real estate)

I'm kind of confused because when I am choosing my intended major and alternate major, there seems to be nothing about a marketing business major. Yet when I search up a program about it, there are various for the UC's im looking into. PLEASE HELP


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2 years ago

I would say that the best UC for business is UCB because they just announced their four years business program for undergraduate students, so I think it is a great one, but besides that, for other UC’s, like UCLA or UCSD, there are just economic majors, which is still great to choose from, but it is all up to you!

2 years ago

Hi @anonymous15,

The UC system doesn't really have a vast variety of majors for business, certainly not marketing or real estate. At most the UCs, you can major in Economics or Business Economics and some colleges like UCI have accounting.

On the other hand, if you want to stay in California, then you will find almost every kind of business major at USC, Pepperdine, Chapman, or Santa Clara. Other colleges offering marketing are Loyola, U of San Francisco, and Univ. of San Diego.

If you wait until Grad School then the Anderson School at UCLA and the Hass School at Berkeley are excellent for many business majors.

I don't know your reasons for wanting to apply to UC schools but if you have to go to one pick a generic major and a backup one that you wouldn't mind taking. But if you are looking for an undergrad marketing degree then head to an east coast school like Syracuse University, Rutgers, NYU, Baruch College, or UConn. And there is always Wharton, Georgetown, WashU, Emory, etc if you are looking for top colleges.

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