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4 months ago
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Should I Include A Reference to Other Colleges?

Hello, I am applying to colleges on the CommonApp and I recently started my essay. My essay includes talking about how another college sent me an email about joining a stock market challenge hosted by them. I was wondering if including the name or even referencing them will hurt my chances of getting into other schools if I submit this essay. I am not planning on applying to the school that sent me the email. Here is the excerpt from my essay that includes this: However, one particular email caught my attention. It was an email from a college that was hosting a stock market competition for students. Ever since I was a child...


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1 answer

4 months ago

Hi @DarkShadow,

It would be nearly impossible to tell if including this reference helps or hurts you or neither based on the limited information you provided. I don't think you should cut and paste your common app essay so perhaps this is not the right forum to ask this question.

Maybe do a peer review or a paid review of your essay and ask the question of the reviewer. You will get a better contextual reply.


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