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Accepted application and waiting


I want to go ahead and apply for colleges early to see if I can get in. Should I do that, and if I do can I wait to actually attend until fall of 2022?


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You can’t apply to college unless you have graduated high school or are in your final year. So no, you should try to apply as a junior/sophomore to see what your chances is - it’s not possible for you to apply then. Wait until you’re in your last year of high school (I assume 2021-2022) and apply early decision in November; if you don’t get in you have a couple of months to strengthen your application for regular decision.

Caveat I know UNM (New Mexico) allows incoming seniors to apply the summer before senior year starts but they are the exception as there aren’t on any big application. Likely there are others
Florida Tech and ASU too
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If you plan to take a gap year, then you can apply and just specify that you are waiting a year before attending. It may affect your chances, but that is what you should do.