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What category is my EC on Collegevine?

So as part of my youth groups (synoguage) student board we organized and ran a fairly large carnival for a holiday. Our synoguage is one of 4-5 in the state and the only of our denomination. (The carnival was held for the religious school (K-6)

We raised over 15k and organized vendors and did all of the prize stuff not just set up tables and games.

I had put it as Interest Group tier D as it says I organized a city event or conference for interest. My problem is I think that tier D is too high but a Service tier H which I have it at is IMO too low and is understating my accompishments while the only other field I think of affinity groups F is school-level leadership while D is a statewide organization and this is a local org as it is a congregation. I am currently leaning towards Affinity F but I want to double check.


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4 years ago

Affinity tier F or Community Service tier F seem like they might fit best. Group tier D does seem like a much bigger type of event. Keep in mind that this is just for the chancing engine, and that different admissions officers might evaluate the same activity differently. Be sure to quantify the activity as much as possible in the Activities Section and list how much money you raised (like you did here), estimated number of attendees, and what your responsibilities were. Good luck!

4 years ago

Why don't you try own initiative tier? If you can measure how many participants participated in the carnival? Organizing a carnival is an amazing accomplishment which requires drive, maturity, commitment, time management, responsibility, and so many other characteristics. I would probably put it in Tier C or Tier B.

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