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Does junior year matter a lot Columbia university for law

I wanna apply to my dream universty whuch is in NYU and I did pretty average in sophomore and freshman year but some family issues arrived and my mental health was affected junior year my semester is ending and I don’t think u did too well for the first time my gpa dropped by a lot will this affect my chances a lot because I’m really stressed my Goa was usually a 3.5-3.3 and it fell to a 2.5 and now I’m super scared since my school is very competitive and I know more people better than me can get into a good uni but I really wanna have hope

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a year ago

Although it might be hard to correct your GPA, colleges love to see improvement over the course of high school. If you can improve from this mistake, it won't make as much of a mark on your admissions profile, since they'll like seeing that improvement. Some students, although their grades will be better than yours, might have less community service or clubs. By getting involved you can improve your chances regardless of grades. For Columbia, it will be difficult even for people who "check all the boxes" so just try your best to have good grades, extracurriculars, and community involvement.

11 months ago

Your admission to Law School will be dependent on you Undergraduate GPA not High School. Work on increasing your GPA, as it will affect the colleges you get accepted to. But students from all universities go to Columbia, not just the prestigious ones.

- Signed a 2019 Columbia Alum 💙

a year ago[edited]

Hi @Wanx,

Columbia and NYU have LAW Schools however they are graduate-level programs that offer a J.D. degree in Law. You have to have an undergraduate degree and take the LSATs prior to applying to these schools or any top law school.

Most Columbia admits have near-perfect grades like 3.90-4.00 and 96% of the incoming freshman class were in the top 10% (1st decile) of their school.

You really should focus on finding colleges that are a better fit for you and where you can thrive and achieve your goals. If you are struggling in HS with a 2.5 GPA, I will tell you Columbia is going to be 10 times harder.

If I were you I would focus on getting into a good college like Fordham, Rutgers, or CUNY Baruch College. Then get good grades like a 3.7+ GPA in college and then apply to Columbia as a transfer student. That's more doable than stressing about something you are not a good fit for right now.

Good luck.

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