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I love Anatomy & Physiology and Want to Combine it with DIgital Media Design.


I love A&P and want to combine with my love for DMD. Should I go for it? Or should I choose another major that will satisfy both of these majors in one?

@User25a year ago

I think that could be really cool in practice, I also dabble a little in A & P and I've noticed a lack of really cool image examples in the online textbook I use. One of the major problems I see in some science courses is that they're too abstract, what they need is realistic models. One thing I found cool was Medicalholodeck on steam vr, I think if you follow this passion there are a lot of possibilities. Don't have any advice on college majors sorry.

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a year ago

Many schools offer interdisciplinary and/or multidisciplinary opportunities. Yale and Dartmouth are just two of the many colleges with interdisciplinary curriculums for all students. NYU has an entire school allocated to students interested in studying how different disciplines intersect while other schools may offer what's called the Interdisciplinary Studies major. If you are interested in a specific school that does not appear to have interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary options, look in the possibility of double majoring in these two fields or majoring in one while minoring in the other. Hope this helps!

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