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Is it weird that I'm not in NHS but in Spanish National Honor Society + Science National Honor Society for college?

My sister and I were discussing this so I want to hear opinions

I'm your average 4.0 senior here whose been invited to NHS every year since sophomore year. I never knew what it was nor the Spanish National Honor Society was until I found out when I received both invitations(I didn't join NHS).

To me, NHS was students who volunteer that have a high GPA that is glorified rather than students overall volunteering and helping the community by college admissions. I stayed in SNHS because I enjoyed students tutoring kids in Spanish in addition to us contributing to groups related to Spanish Language & Culture(+ local organizations). No hate for people that are in NHS I believe NHS is a good way to get kids to contribute to the community but it shouldn't be glorified to be part of by colleges that much... The community service club at my school are activist for plastic in the ocean and even went to a meeting about it while NHS hosts blood drives almost every year and not many other different things. So for my sake of ideas, I never considered to accept their invitation.

I don't know, so basically what Im asking is should there be an explanation for me not to be a part of something that an average student like me applies to school has? Im press secretary of SNHS, Senior Advisor for the Social Media Committee of SOCA(student of color association), a representative for My Town's Public Schools for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion(basically I'm in a committee for upcoming changes for our education), assistant to activity coordinator at my local senior center, etc. I've only done things that I'm solely interested in but people make it seem that being a part of NHS is a requirement for schools nowadays.

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a year ago

There is nothing weird about your EC commitments! NHS is far from a requirement for college applicants - in fact, it does not impress admissions officers very much precisely because it is so common. And it is so common in the first place because of several factors: the barriers to entry are fairly low, the commitments for general members are low, and many people think that it is what colleges want to see.

In reality, colleges prefer to admit applicants who stand out from the crowd and pursue unique interests for the sake of intellectual curiosity. Spanish/Science NHS will both make you stand out, especially because those honors societies do more ambitious community service projects than NHS. They also match your interests more aptly, which is important for building your spike.

Hope this helps!

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