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Enough AP classes


I only took 4 AP Classes in High school so I was wondering if this is too low for a school that I am applying to with around 30% acceptance rate? Also is unweighted or weighted GPA more important for college admissions?


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Colleges look at unweighted GPA more than weighted because 1.) every HS has their own grading system, 2.) some HS weigh AP 1.0 higher and honors 0.50 highers (5.0 scale) while others use a 6.0 scale, for instance, Phillips Andover, and some use an 11 point scale like Phillips Exeter. So you can't really compare weighted GPAs. (And some don't weight APs or honors at all)

With regards to APs if your HS only offered 4 then you maxed out. However, if your HS offered 15-25, then reporting 4 is kind of on the low side. And it depends on what 4 you took as well. Colleges look at course rigor and if your school offered you 20 APs and you took 20% then they might think you didn't really take advantage of what you were given. Also if you took 4 APs and got 3s on average that doesn't look as good as if you got 4s and 5s. If you speak French at home and took AP French, well there is an expectation that you will get a 5 on the AP Test. But if for you French is a completely new language to you and you get a 4 or 5, that's really good. So context is important.

Do you think honors courses count as rigor? For example I took Honors Chemistry instead of AP.
Yes of course, but not as much as AP or IB courses.
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Deepends on what classes were offered lets say you took all available classes excpet 2 lets say music theory and AP World history but our a stem major and instead ou took an extra geology and intro to engineering class. In this cse absolutly fine as schools evalute ou on what your school offers and what is feasible. If your school offers 20 AP then you have an issue excpet if ou took alot of honors or advance courses

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The main idea is that if your school offers way more than four AP classes you will look like you did not challenge yourself academic at which will not reflect well on you. For a selective school you should make sure that you’re taking most of the AP classes that your school offers. If they only teach 4-6 then you’re in good standing, if more are offered you should take them. Unweighted GPA is more important for colleges because it is a pure indicator of your grades; weighted gets tricky since every school has their own system

and it can be inflated a lot and not truly reflect the student’s academic capabilities