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Admissions essay advice?

Hi there!

I just would like some admission essay advice... I'm currently a Junior and my guidance department isn't really providing the best guidance (ironically). I think we are starting to write in the spring... But again, they aren't providing the most accurate information.

In short, I want to get ahead on my admissions process and begin to write some essays, so that way I have more time to write and not be time crunched. I'd just like some suggestions from anyone out there. I know pretty much NOTHING about college essays, other than reviewing a few on the CollegeVine peer review system. There are a few prompts on the Common App that I have but I just want to know if there are any general rules to the writing or any advice from anyone out there, like cliché topics to avoid, tones to write in, perspectives, etc.

Thanks! If you need any clarification or want more info, let me know... Thank you for your help :)

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Hi @blohsh_13!

Don't worry, you aren't alone. There are many other students that do not get the most accurate information regarding the admissions essays, and the process in general.

It's great to see that you being proactive with your essays! For essay-writing tips, I recommend watching videos on YouTube (particularly CollegeVine and College Essay Guy). These are made by people who've been guiding applicants to get into their dream schools for years.

Your essay should be such that if anyone who knows you finds it on an anonymous paper on the floor, they should be able to tell with certainty that it's yours. That's what you call "unique". If your essay fits any random applicant as much as it fits you, there's room for improvement.

Hope this helps!

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