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Should I retake a course for grade replacement? What will be the effects of it?

Hello, I am a Sophomore and I took a Grammer elective and it was difficult. I'm expecting a B in the first semester. According to our school's grade replacement policy, if I retake the course and get a higher grade, A, next semester. The letter B will be omitted by the new A. That policy applies to all courses, including honors and APs. The credit remains the same. The new replacement grade in a course will be calculated into the final GPA and the old one will be dropped. But both the original courses and retakes' grades will still be shown on my transcript.

Here are my questions: "What would the admissions officers think of if they discovered I had a grade replacement for a course? Are there potential negative effects, and so would it be worthwhile for me to retake the course? Also, are my school's policies considered too merciful?

Thank you!


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2 years ago

I wouldn't say that grade replacements or re-takes are inherently positive or negative. Though a grade replacement naturally suggests that you didn't pass or do well in the course the first time around, taking a course again (with significant improvement!) can show perseverance and growth. In cases where you've received a really bad grade, you can address any special or extenuating circumstances in your essay or additional information section.

I would recommend limiting re-sits to occasions where you failed. For most students, who attend schools with less flexible policies, this will be the ONLY time they can retake a course. I've been working in higher education for almost half a decade, and haven't heard of a similar policy (though that doesn't mean they don't exist; always take anecdotes with a grain of salt!)

Ultimately, I wouldn't recommend your retake it. A 'B' in a single course is not going to tank your GPA. Moreover, it's an elective in your sophomore year, so it will be valued less than your more challenging, core courses taken during your junior and senior years.

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