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I don't know why I have such a hard time trusting the peer review but....

How many of you used it for an essay that was on your actual application?? Has anybody seen anything suspicious with it? What other info do you know about it?

I used the peer review tool for my essays and was accepted
I used the peer review tool for my essays and was not accepted
I did not use
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Hi @olivia_05!

You're justified in not completely trusting the peer review. After you submit an essay, it is matched with any random CollegeVine user. If the person decides to review your essay, they get an hour to do it. Imagine a typical high school student sitting for one straight hour focusing on one task at hand without getting distracted. Hard to imagine, right? Not trying to say that all the peer reviewers are like that, but this is something that can happen. Moreover, peer reviewers don't necessarily have a lot of experience.

It's a good resource for getting diverse opinions, but don't expect suggestions that will make your essay "perfect".


a year ago

Senior here, I haven't gotten all my decisions yet, but I like to consider myself a strong essay writer. I only submitted essays on here for an outside perspective, I went over the reviews with my tutor and while some advice was credible and well-thought-out, other reviews were questionable and looked like the person barely skimmed my essay or largely misinterpreted it. I would say it's worth the shot, you're really just spending karma (easy to earn), but you should consider feedback on here critically, especially not knowing the person's credentials at all. "Super-reviewer" is very easily earned and I've gotten 1-star worthy reviews from these people. Also, keep in mind that people only get an hour to do a full review, which isn't much time depending on the person's abilities. I've found myself wishing for more time when reviewing essays on here myself.


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