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Maryland Regular Decision concerns

I wasn't able to apply to Maryland early action, and am applying regular decision.

I have a 3.75w/4.75 uw. 1470 SAT, and 34 ACT. I've been reading that Maryland is way more selective regular decision. I realize that the RD acceptance rate is way lower, can I do anything to increase my chances?

I also played soccer on a nationally ranked team for all 4 years of highschool (Traveling almost every week) , am a We The People constitutional law competition State Champ, and nationals finalist (4th), and coached a little kids team for my senior year.

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Do some research about how students are enrolling in their dream universities. Apart from that, many universities are now openly set more than 70% success ratio to get admission on the basis of academic qualifications. For suppose, if you are applying for masters then must show them some previous projects or any masters assignment made before.

2 years ago

Besides doing your best to write stellar essays, I also recommend adding some extracurriculars to your list to build a spike. Your spike should relate to your major interest and career ideas.

The best ECs to add will involve a high level of leadership and real-world impact. Many of them can be done independently or online, and they do not necessarily need to be multi-year commitments to be impressive. Here is a list of just some of the possibilities.

Hope this helps!

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