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Any advice on how to land medical internships/research opportunities/job shadowing in local hospitals or clinics?

I am a high school sophomore and I am interested in the nursing career path. I want to improve my resume by having hospital/heath care extra-curriculars. I am just unsure on how to approach this

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2 years ago[edited]

One way to go is to start/join a club about medicine. If your school already has a club, get very involved and maybe even become an officer or something like that. If your school doesn't have one, you should make one!

You can also go on the websites of hospitals and clinics near you, and check if they have a volunteer page where they might post volunteer opportunities to either help out with patients or even shadow a doctor.

Another idea is to start your own webpage or podcast on medicine and health care. (you can make it educational, or more lighthearted and fro entertainment etc.) This will allow you to show colleges something "tangible" that demonstrates your interest int the field.

Good luck!!


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