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Any high school club ideas oriented towards nursing/health care/ medical field?

I am a sophomore and I am interested in the nursing field and I am looking to start a club at my school related to science/health care. My school already has a medical club where the founders bring in professionals to speak to us. I want to start a more subject or community service related club. If you have any ideas please list the name of the club and 1-2 ideas of activities.

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- go to hospitals to help people working there (serving food to patients, cleaning, or any other tasks).

- collect donations in your school to organize little parties to children dealing with cancer for example and do activities so you will make them very happy and break their routine...

- aware people about the pandemic

- workshop to make personalized masks to donate or sell them online and donate the earnings.

i wish it was a bit helpful.


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HOSA is an academic competition club... in addition to what has been said already (don't want to be redundant).

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What does this club do?

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you can work for the Red Cross, and get a certificate on CPRs and stuff like that. they usually offer a bunch of choices and it is also a universal organization which is helpful. My old school arranged the Red Cross to work with out school, and they made an after school activity that lasted for a semester where they learn about first aid.

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-gain clinical experience by volunteering at a hospital or joining a program called COPE HEALTH Scholars

- Join at a Red Cross Club at your school or start one.

- Remote volunteering for pediatric patients: