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Class of 2027 ED Accptance Results for Amherst College remain the same as last year~!

This year Amherst College admitted 186 ED applicants out of 734 applications for an acceptance rate of 25.3%. While both the admit pool and overall applications are lower than last year the acceptance rate remained the same. Last year 843 applied and 213 were admitted with an acceptance rate of 25.2%

42% of admits submitted test scores and 44% of applicants submitted test scores.

Part of the reduction of applications in my opinion has to do with the new policy that does not give preferential treatment to Legacy Applicants. Without this boost multiplier, I feel that many potential Amherst legacies figured they wouldn't be admitted based on merit, course rigor, ECs and talent, and ability, so they used their ED ticket elsewhere.

Last year the overall acceptance rate was 7.3% and my guess is that it will be very similar in the 7-8% range for the Class of 2027. Knowing that Amherst didn't fill as much of their freshman class with the ED pool, I would recommend that CV seniors consider applying to Amherst for the RD pool because it might be less competitive.

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I'm a Junior and I'm wondering if you think it's advantageous for me to apply ED to Amherst next year. I know their ED acceptance rate is much better than the RD rate, but I know at many top schools that's because the ED applicants are more competitive. CollegeVine projects my chance of acceptance to go up 7% by applying ED but it's not always the most accurate with this kind of thing. Do you think it would help to apply ED over RD next year?

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I would apply ED to Amherst if you had a high SAT/ACT test score, and are a strong applicant EC, course rigor wise. Having a hook like being a recruited athlete, being low income, First Gen, or BIPOC helps as well.

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