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Class of 2027 EA acceptance rates drops nearly 10% at UGA !!! WOW

This cycle UGA received 26001 applications and admitted 8253 for an EA acceptance rate of 31.7%. This is significantly more than last year when they received 21537 applications and admitted 8917 for an acceptance rate of 41.4%

What's the takeaway from this? To me, it seems that there continues to be a consolidation of high-achieving applicants focusing on T100 schools versus the other 4000 options out there. Even though total college enrollment is down about 1 million students, that means there is a higher concentration of high-achieving seniors in the admit pool versus dilution. So if there is a greater density of high-achieving seniors, they all want to get into better schools. This is bad news for smaller private colleges like Cazenovia college in Syracuse which announced it's closing its doors this week in 2023.

Given the rising cost of private colleges pushing toward $90,000 per year, I can see why applying to excellent Public research institutions like UGA is more popular than ever. Therefore if my hunch is correct, admit rates will be lower at UVA, UMich, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and top Florida and Texas state schools.

Last year UGA admitted 42% of applicants overall. This year it could be significantly lower in the 30-35% range.

@kat.in.the.shata year ago

Do you mean EA? Pretty sure that UGA only does EA and RD. Wonder what this means for RD applicants like me. As for other top public schools, I applied to FSU and UF, fingers crossed as I'm out-of-state for all three.

@Anonymous123a year ago

Yes, she means EA. The high volume of EA applicants means more competition for RD applicants because UGA would've deferred more applicants than last year. The same goes for other top public schools offering plans other than RD.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@CameronBamerona year ago

Sorry, yes EA not ED.

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