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Course Rigor on common app

My school's curriculum is fairly regular. I have no opportunity to take any advanced classes. I've challenged myself with online courses from colleges (Not accredited). How could I express my situation on the common app and show them the courses I've taken?

Other than adding them to my activites please!

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a year ago

okey so college stuff goes through like 3 processes depending on where but the ivies do this too it goes through a regional director who should know like what school you're from bc they likely went to a school near it (they went to school in the same county or region) Thus meaning they should have some knowledge on your curriculum if they dont know you can find a way to write a mini essay bout it in the optional section or have your counselor add it ie my GPA is a bit lower than it should be bc my classes were weighted in the wrong way my counselor is gonna add a little note to her review of me and they're going to know. So you can tell them if you don't believe they will know or have your counselor tell them. If I were you I would have the counselor do it but if you do that make sure not to add it in the optional section because it will be redundant.

a year ago

Hi @seonix!

Based on the information submitted by your high school (such as transcripts or some other document submitted by your counselor), colleges will know that you didn't have the opportunity to take rigorous classes.

It seems you don't have space in the activities section. The additional info section would be the next best place to put the online college courses since they're not accredited.

Hope this helps!

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