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I am Turkish, living in South Africa. Does that increase my chance while applying to US universities?


Also, I don't know if I should choose Middle Eastern or White or Asian in the demographics section. Will this matter too much?


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You would list yourself as White (middle eastern fits into this category) since you are ethnically from Turkey. You live in South Africa which would make you an international student. You admittedly will have a harder chance at elite colleges/semi selective universities since you are an international student, but if you can pay full price /100% that will help you. Most US colleges look to international students for students who can pay in full so if you cannot that might negatively impact your chances as well.

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Well I don't think so that if you are Turkish and living in South Africa will increase your chance while applying for US universities. I mean why would it increase your chance like there are many international students which definitely doesn't matter.

If you are not applying for financial aid then it might increase your chance for need-based universities and if you are applying to need-blind universities then it won't affect.

I don't think that being Turkish or living in South Africa will increase your chance.