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No letters of rec for state colleges

So basically before I graduated (I took a gap year) my counselor quit and then the counselor that replaced him also quit so I have basically no counselor to ask for a letter of rec. The only teacher I could ask for one is my art teacher as he agreed to write one before I graduated but I'm not sure if I should reach out to him as I haven't contacted him since school ended and my deadline is January 31st so I'm not sure if that is enough time.

I am not applying to hard schools at all (WWU, UofO, Wash state, Colorado State), so I was wondering if not having any letters would be detrimental to my application. I have a 3.7 weighted gpa, 2 APs (4 on each exam), 4 extra curriculars(full time/part time paid jobs,club member) test optional, decent essay. I'm just really stressed that no letters AND no test scores will make me look bad and lower my chances even to 80/90% acceptance rate schools(even tho the letters are optional). So should I try to beg my school for letters even if I haven't met the new counselor and the deadline is kinda close?

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If you have a job or someone you know outside of school that you can get a letter of rec from that would be my first suggestion as each letter (with the right circumstances and people) any letter of rec that shows you have commitment . I would strongly advise you to contact your art teacher as maybe you can build a friendship by reconnecting with him and I don't know why he would say no. Just explain your circumstances and tell him how grateful you would be if he could give you a letter or rec.

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Hope this helps!

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Hi @alcyro!

All the universities in your list have overall acceptance rates over 90% (except Washington State, which is 86%) according to CollegeVine's chancing simulator. Moreover, the common data sets put letters of recommendation as "considered", not as "important" or "very important". You won't need letters of recommendation to get into these colleges. Since the new counselor doesn't know you, it wouldn't be a good idea to ask them for a letter. The whole point of a letter of recommendation is for someone who KNOWS you to advocate for you. If you have someone else who can write one, ask them. If not, it's not a big deal.

Hope this helps!

2 years ago

It's your counselor's job to write rec letters, even if they don't quite know you. Have a meeting with them and get your letter. Other places you can ask are jobs and people who know you in your community. Can't be family but any religious leaders could work, anybody you've had in high school. You could even hop over to your OLD counselor and ask him, too. Definitely snatch up the art teacher. Good luck, buddy!

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