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Selecting schools for Transfer from community college

I am now done with my associates degree from community college. I know am left with the task of finding where I finish my bachelors. There are a lot of ways to for incoming freshman to assess their chances, which schools are a match, etc. I am not attached to any school at this point, but as I begin to compile a list of schools to apply to I need help. Typically you have your safety, ideal, and reach (whatever tiers there are). I am just unsure how to reliably determine where each school falls as a transfer with their associates.

Any advice would be appreciated (3.79 gpa for completed dual major associates degrees—pre-Med/general science/health sciences+honors courses, multiple honors and leadership societies, Pell grant recipient, tons of volunteer work (Girl Scout counselor, dog rescue, soup kitchen, senior shopping, etc), elite soccer history/ horseback riding, employed part time in HR as “associate development manager” at a local senior care and assistance business, took APs in HS, went to a notoriously challenging HS, elder female millennial lol) … I was told I did well, but it’s not really special—ex. Princeton is a long shot, but everywhere else in NJ I would get in. I agree with the assessment—every student will have done just as well as me. Out of state confuses me, as do smaller private school. So this generalized statement hasn’t helped me determine much here. Seems the counselors can’t provide much guidance here either. I was told I should internship or something to round out my resume, but these opportunities are non-existent given level of education.

Any tips/where to get assistance/assessments (preferably from your own experience or credible, qualified sources). I am not sure what schools are considered safety’s, high probability, probable, reaches, and no chance for me. Thank you so much!

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I recommend using CollegeVine's school list hub to find colleges that are the best fit for you. After you fill out your CollegeVine profile, you will be able to search for schools based on a variety of preferences - including acceptance rate, location, and major offerings.

Using these results, you can build a balanced school list. I advise applying to 8-12 schools, with a quarter being safeties, half being target schools, and another quarter being reaches. You can also read these CollegeVine articles for tips on applying as a transfer student. Hope this helps!

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