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Seniors - Give yourself a hug and hug your classmates !!!

The Holiday season is supposed to be the best time of the year filled with great celebrations such as Christmas, Hannukah, and New Year. Yet for many seniors, it's the worst time because it's college admissions season. If you were lucky enough to get into your ED or EA college of choice, you can use December and January to relax, catch up on sleep and focus on family. But I propose that you exercise some thoughtfulness and kindness to all your peers that are struggling with this process. Many of your peers either got rejected or deferred from ED or EA and those that didn't apply early, they are all scrambling to cram for their last finals and get their RD applications put together.

Instead of gloating or flexing, I recommend that you have compassion and empathy towards your peers during the next month because it is a very difficult time for many. If you are locked and loaded with your dream college, then offer to review essays and help your friends figure out the pros and cons of applying to certain schools and perhaps even make other alternative suggestions.

As promised, I'm just temporarily here to comment on Early Stats, and in a few months, I'll post some RD stats. And I'm doing this to help inform all of you of how college admissions are getting more competitive so you can adjust your strategy.

Again congrats to all of you that have already heard the good news or are about to in the next few days! But for all of you that are disappointed or about to be, remember that where you go to college undergrad doesn't define you as a human being. It's only 4 years or 1 or 2 if you decide to transfer. The key to academic success is persistence and the ability to brush yourself off if things get derailed temporarily. Your life is not over because you didn't get into Stanford or Harvard. Just as your life is not over if you are not 6 feet tall. In 2022-23, none of the 46 American Presidents would have been admitted to any of the colleges they attended because kids today are way more intelligent as a group and have higher test scores.

Happy Holidays CV peeps.

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